Terms of Service

  • If you buying anything from BlackRoxies, you agree to follow terms of service.
  • All payments made by the user are non-refundable.
  • BlackRoxies reserves the right to change these terms of service whenever they want without informing users.
  • When owners will ever shutdown BlackRoxies, all packages automatically stops.
  • BlackRoxies do not provide any warranty for proxies to work on any target.
  • BlackRoxies reserves the right to terminate user package for any reason.
  • By accepting this Terms Of Service you also confirm that you have read Advertisments Disclaimer.


Please be informed that when we say on any of the 3rd party websites that our proxies works on some particular targets, we mean that by the date of posting advertisment they worked, however we do not give any guarantees that it still works, neither we guarantee that it will work in future.


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